Trucks And Resturants

La Jolla, CA

Are you craving seafood, but don't want to make the trip all across town? Have you searched for ‘delivery seafood' online? Mariscos Nine Seas Seafood will bring the food to you. If you live in La Jolla, CA area, you can enjoy various seafood dishes in the comfort of your home. We deliver our seafood hot and fresh right to your door step.
If you crave seafood, you don't have to go far to look for it. You just have to look for our trucks and restaurants located near you. Our trucks are parked in various strategic locations in the city to ensure that as many people as possible get to enjoy our fresh seafood. There are various restaurants around the city too. You don't have to hit the fish market to get that fresh seafood that your pallet has been calling for.
Our dishes offer variety for seafood lovers. Try one of our fish tacos and you'll never want any other type of protein in your tacos again. They make the perfect meal for those who want a healthy meal that is delicious. Fish is high in protein while being low in fat. You can enjoy our tacos guilt free.
Make a trip to the nearest food truck or place an order for your favorite meal. We offer a wide variety of dishes with a twist. Our toppings and condiments are especially prepared to ensure the seafood is bursting with flavor. We won't disappoint you.
Our prices are competitive too. You can enjoy a lunch or dinner out without having to spend too much for high quality seafood. Gone are the days when food trucks were only about junk food that was bad for you. We give you the food truck experience that you can enjoy while ensuring good health.