Extensive Seafood

Chula Vista, CA

If you're looking for fresh seafood, there's no better place in Chula Vista, CA to get it from than any of the Mariscos Nine Seas Seafood outlets. Whether you live in the area or just visiting for a short while, you can't afford not to try our extensive seafood menu.
We start out by ensuring we have the freshest seafood. A lot of our seafood is caught locally. However, to ensure that we have a wide variety to meet our customers' varying tastes, we also source our fish from different parts of the country and the globe. We are therefore able to provide our customers with a variety of options when it comes to seafood.
If you're looking for an alternative to unhealthy fast food, you've come to the right place. Our seafood trucks offer you great alternatives to greasy and unhealthy fast food. Our seafood dishes are a great and healthier option. We provide innovative twists to traditional meals. Try our fish taco to start and you'll never want any other type of taco ever again.
Our dishes are not only packed with flavor, but also the nutrients that your body is craving. Seafood is a great source of Omega-3 fatty acids that are essential for various processes in the body including brain function. All seafood is also a great source of protein and vitamins. It is low in fat, thus ensuring you can have a tasty meal without the fear of it being harmful to your health.
With our wide variety in dishes, you're sure to find something that will appeal to your taste. We offer ethnic-inspired seafood dishes that are bursting with flavor. We also have traditional Mediterranean dishes that will tease the pallet. Enjoy gourmet dishes as well as simple every day dishes with a seafood twist.
Visit our restaurant or call us to place your order today.