All Seafood Resturants

Del Mar, CA

Whether you're a seafood enthusiast or not, the experience is just as important as the food when you step out to have seafood. That's why Mariscos Nine Seas Seafood offers you the full seafood experience.
Our all seafood restaurants in Del Mar, CA serve up nothing but seafood. All our seafood specialties are just that; specialties. The seafood can't be replaced by anything else. No other protein would do the dishes justice. That's why seafood enthusiasts enjoy our dishes. They are designed to bring out the unique flavors of seafood.
We offer a wide variety of seafood to suit different pallets. Our meals range from gourmet seafood dishes suitable for a special meal with a special person to the good old fish tacos that are great as a fun meal for family, friends or even a quick lunch. Whatever you're looking for, you'll find it at our restaurants.
Our seafood is prepared from fresh ingredients. We strive for quality in our dishes and therefore never compromise when it comes to selecting seafood ingredients. Our distributors and suppliers adhere to the strictest codes for food safety and hygiene to ensure safe and high quality products. Our chefs are passionate about food too. This combination ensures that you get the best quality food every time you place your order.
It's not just about the tacos and dishes. It's about the experience. We strive to provide our clients with a great experience every time they walk in. Our staff is friendly. Everyone feels welcome when they walk in. We'll strive to ensure that you get what you need.
Visit any one of our restaurants today for a guilt free indulgence in the best seafood this side of the country. Take a break from your busy life, sit back and enjoy the rich flavor of the sea.